Generate interactive reports with ease with Plotly in Python

Generating reports is a tedious task. Instead, develop in Python using Plotly and create automated interactive reports.

This article will discuss the steps required to create automated interactive reports for different cryptocurrencies. …

Hands-on Tutorials

Understanding what options are available for Deep Learning for Time-Series

People looking through the face of a large clock tower from inside the tower.

Time series data is often placed in a class of its own regarding machine learning and data science. However, due to the changing distributions over time and the sequential testing, this area of data science can be tricky to manage.

This article will go over three different deep learning models…

Generate visualizations to understand your data quickly

Data exploration, understanding, and visualization is a crucial aspect of data science problems. Here, I provide several methods to streamline the process.

Data exploration and visualization is a crucial aspect of data science problems. The best visualization is always related to the problem at hand and utilizes domain knowledge. …

Get more out of your visualizations with Plotly and Datapane

Visualization is a critical aspect of any analysis. But static plots limit our ability to understand data. Plotly and Datapane address this issue.

This article will show how to create interactive candlestick time-series plots to visualization the price of bitcoin. …

A natural selection process to determine an optimal set of features.

A genetic algorithm is a technique for optimization problems based on natural selection. In this post, I show how to use genetic algorithms for feature selection.

While there are many well-known feature selections methods in scikit-learn, feature selection goes well beyond what is available there.

Feature selection is a crucial…

Determine the contributions of each feature to the output of your model.

Model interpretability is becoming increasingly valuable. However, when handling large models with complex relationships, interpretation is not always an easy task.

Partial Dependence Plots (PDP) plots show the marginal contribution of different features on the output. …

What additional education translates into over a lifetime

When considering whether to get a degree, there is a lot of variation between the different levels of education.

A Bachelor’s degree opens up many doors. A Master’s degree on top of that provides more opportunity, but you become more specialized. …

Thoughts and Theory

Produce Better Models with Less Data.

This post is an overview of the work done in the paper — ‘Efficient task-specific data valuation for nearest neighbour algorithms’.

Does more data always produce better results? Given the trends in machine learning, you would expect as much. …

Why such a simple game is so popular.

I learned chess when I was young. There are only a few moves to learn, and it is played all around the world. But I didn’t play for years.

It was only in my 20s that I started playing chess again. …

An alternative, distribution first approach to modelling data.

What is Probabilistic Programming

There is uncertainty in the world. Data scientists aim to attempt to model the world using past data to predict the future effectively. This strategy is relatively effective in many different domains and many use cases. However, there is still this uncertainty. …

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